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End of year note

Dear students, thank you all for being a part of MGW during this extremely difficult year. In the midst of a pandemic, lockdowns, financial uncertainties and travel restrictions, you have managed to sustain your passion for music and continue to practice…

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Setting up the online lesson

Please follow these instructions to setup the online session:   Option 1: (Skype)   Download Skype, either on phone or computer. Under ‘add new contact’, search for inquiry@maximsguitarworkshop.com and add MAXIMS GUITAR WORKSHOP.   Option 2: (Zoom)   Download Zoom . You…

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Online lessons

Dear students, as you are all aware of the current situation due to COVID 19, I will be resuming online lessons from this week until everything gets settled. The lessons will be conducted over Skype (or Facetime). The lesson schedule, duration…

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Apology note

Dear students, some of you might have noticed that over the last one month or so, there has been a delay in posting the lesson materials online and occasional lesson cancellations (from my end). I sincerely apologise for that and I…

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Basics of Syncopation

Syncopation is all about disturbing the natural flow of rhythm, something that our ears are very familiar with.  When that flow is broken, that attracts a lot of attention of the listener because it’s unexpected. Using too much of syncopated rhythm…

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Stretches and hand exercises for guitar players

Playing guitar is mentally, as well as physically quite challenging. A guitar player needs to look after both her/his hands. The idea is to keep it loose and economise the movements on both hands. The more effort and energy it take…

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