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Online lessons

Dear students, as you are all aware of the current situation due to COVID 19, I will be resuming online lessons from this week until everything gets settled. The lessons will be conducted over Skype (or Facetime). The lesson schedule, duration and structure will remain unchanged,  however, unlike our regular face to face lessons, I will upload the lesson materials a day before the online session. That way, you will get to go over the practice materials and will be easier for you to understand and for me to explain during the video session.

As they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! The current situation is stressful, but as we are to maintain social distance and stay indoors, it is the best time to practice and take our guitar playing to the next level.

Being a musician myself, I can understand how badly the musicians got hit due to this pandemic, also how things will be difficult during the post COVID 19 recession. As a tight knit community here in Darwin, it is our responsibility to look after the professional musicians, whether they are performers, composers, session artists or music teachers. Hope we get to go through these difficult times quickly.

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