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Setting up the online lesson

Please follow these instructions to setup the online session:


Option 1: (Skype)


Download Skype, either on phone or computer. Under ‘add new contact’, search for inquiry@maximsguitarworkshop.com and add MAXIMS GUITAR WORKSHOP.


Option 2: (Zoom)


Download Zoom . You don’t necessarily have to create an account unless you have one. Just let me know that you prefer Zoom so I can send you the link to attend the online session every time.


Option 3 : (FaceTime)


This would be the easiest. If you use any IOS device (ipad, iphone, macbook), we use FaceTime.


  1. Please make sure to go through the lesson materials before the online session.
  2. Use a bigger screen so it’s easier to watch the online instructions.
  3. Use headphones (preferable).
  4. Use two devices/monitors, in one keep the guitar tabs open and run the online session in another (preferable).
  5. Tune the guitar prior to the lesson.


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