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Maxim has been in the education and teaching industry for more than 15 years. Along with teaching music, he has extensive experience in university level teaching and has several qualifications in teaching and mentoring from Australia and the U.K.

He studied music at the prestigious Berklee College of Music and had the opportunity to learn from world class guitar players and musicians such as Dan Bowden, Michael Williams, John Baboian, Shaun Michaud, Andrea Stolpe etc.

His musical experiences include playing in various rock, metal bands between 2005-2015, composing and producing commercial music for TV shows telecasted on ABC television (see an example here), teaching guitar at some renowned Sydney based guitar schools such as G4 guitar, G major guitar school, Shine music school etc (ref 2 G4 reference letter), music production and social media activities (see here).

Other than a degree in music, he has a PhD in economics from Charles Darwin University (CDU), A master’s degree in applied finance from Western Sydney University and studied educational psychology at the University of Edinburgh. His qualifications and extensive experience allow him to teach students at all levels, covering various genres. Many of his students are currently playing and performing professionally, playing in different bands, and/or focusing on their own solo music career.

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