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Apology note

Dear students, some of you might have noticed that over the last one month or so, there has been a delay in posting the lesson materials online and occasional lesson cancellations (from my end). I sincerely apologise for that and I believe you deserve an explanation. I have been struggling to keep up with the workload with too much on my plate. As you know that I lecture at CDU and during these last few weeks of the semester, there is just too much admin work (i.e. exam and assignment marking, setting questions etc.) on top of the lecturing. Plus I have my own research, guitar and band practise, preparing lesson contents and making videos. Plus uploading lesson contents under each student’s online profile takes roughly 10 minutes which also adds up.

Nonetheless, the semester is going to end in 3 weeks. And I have also stopped taking any new guitar student. This has predominantly grown through word of mouth (everyone wants to learn from the best :D, joking! or may be not 😉 ) But I have decided not to take any new student until I have more free time. Therefore, things will get back to normal after 3 weeks and the issues you are experiencing will all be resolved. I appreciate your understanding and patience. Keep practising and keep grinding. You all have been a source of my inspiration to be a better musician than I was yesterday. I hope I can inspire you the same way to stay disciplined and to work hard.

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