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Difference between beat, meter, tempo and pulse

Difference between beat, meter, tempo and pulse

Beat, tempo, meter and pulse, four of the terms used almost interchangeably in music but are they the same? In some ways they do share similar characteristics but they do have distinct definitions and therefore should be looked at differently. Following…

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The difference between simple meter and compound meter

Simple meter: The simplest way to explain a simple meter is that each beat in a simple meter is felt separately. The most common ones are 4/4, 3/4 and 2/4. On 4/4 we have 4 counts per bar and each count…

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Note duration

One of the key advantages of staff notation over guitar tabs is that tabs can only dictate the notes that are supposed to be played, but without the help of staff notation, it can’t explain the timing of that melody.  Understanding…

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Basics of time signature and the difference between 4/4 and 2/2

Time signature, often also referred to as ‘meter’ sets the groove of the song. The common as well the simplest one of all is the 4/4 timing. The first number or the numerator refers to how many counts or beats there…

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