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All you need to know about string gauge

For a long time, I used to think a thicker string gauge would lead to a heavier sound and better texture. Until recently, I watched an interview of Yngwie Malmsteen, which made me drastically change that perception. It is true that…

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Different types of nylon string guitars

Growing up, I always thought nylon string guitars are for classical music and all nylon string guitars are alike. But later realised there are distinct differences between the guitars and nylon string guitars are predominantly of three types, 1. guitar that…

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Modal interchange: Andalusian cadence and Neapolitan 2

Modal interchange means borrowing chords from a parallel mode. Many significant such modal interchanges are widely used and hence quite popular among composers and songwriters. Both Andalusian cadence and Neapolitan 2 are examples of borrowing chords from the Phrygian mode. Given…

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Use of half diminished chords in popular music

Diminished chords are inherently very strong due to the presence of tritones in them and therefore not the best-sounding chords in contemporary pop music. However, we often do see the use of half-diminished chords as passing chords in modern pop songs…

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Some tips for guitar players on how to prepare for a recording session

For a performing guitarist and composer, one of the major tasks is recording new tracks at the studio. Any studio session requires adequate preparation which is slightly different than the preparation for a live performance.  I’ll try to highlight some of…

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Now that we are approaching that time of the year where we are likely to get a few days to a few weeks to ourselves, It is probably a good time to earmark some extra hours towards completing that unfinished song…

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Minor cliche

A cliche in general is referring to something that has been used or heard numerous times. A minor cliche in music is using a descending (more common) or ascending (relatively rare) chromatic lines within the chord harmony to create a melodic…

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2 very popular minor progressions

These are two of my favourite and also two very popular minor progressions: Minor progression 1: (Sensitive female chord progression) i      bVII     bVI    III (In the key of Em this translates as Em  D   C   G) Minor…

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Lead note, Bass note and Guide tone: Three essential elements of chords

When we play a chord, we mostly focus on the chord quality and they key. It is true that if we play the right type of chord on the correct key, it will sync with the song. However, to make the…

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Learning the chord progression of a song by ear

There are numerous ways musicians learn songs by ear. Some methods are faster and more efficient, others are time consuming but more accurate. This method that I follow can be a little time consuming. But following this method, not only you…

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