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The key of G and E minor

The second key we study in music theory after the key of C is the key of G. Unlike C, where we have all natural notes, we have one sharp in G that is the F#. And because it has only one sharp, this is the key that we cover after the key of C. A good way to remember this is to take reference from the circle of 5th. But since that hasn’t been discussed yet, a mnemonics can help to remember the fact that in the key of G, we replace F with F#.

The other easy way to remember is that the note that comes right before G, which is F is the one that needs to get replaced by F#. Therefore, the notes we have in G are G A B C D E F#. And just like all other major keys, G also follow the same order of chords. Remember which chords are major chords in a major key? What about the diminished?

And what about the related minor of G major? That should be the 6th degree of the key of G, and that is……………………………………………..E minor.

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