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The Easiest Chromatic Guitar Exercise: Played in 3 Different Levels

This is possibly the easiest and one of the most common and popular guitar exercises out there. The simple chromatic exercise of playing 1 2 3 4 on all the strings. And at the beginner level, this is how it is played, moving from one fret to the other, lifting up the finger as we go. But at a more intermediate level, the goal is to keep the fingers planted on the fret. The only time we are allowed to lift up the fingers would be when we are changing strings. This requires a lot more finger strength and accuracy compared to how it is played at the beginner level. And lastly the advanced chromatic exercise. This may require some time to master but it is an amazing exercise to build finger strength and control. This time, we are not allowed to move the fingers even when changing strings. All the fingers are meant to be firmly planted on the fret, only moving one finger at a time as we go.

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