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Interval ear training [Reference songs]

Using a reference song to recognise an interval is a very useful technique. Following is a list of all the intervals (ascending) with a corresponding reference song. The songs listed here are popular songs and therefore easy to remember.


Minor 2nd: Isn’t she lovely 

Major 2nd: Happy birthday 

Minor 3rd: Brahm’s lullaby 

Major 3rd: When the saints go marching in 

Perfect 4th: Here comes the bride

Tritone (minor 5th) : The devils note, and it doesn’t need a reference song! The tone is very evil and distinguishable.

Perfect 5th: Twinkle twinkle 

Minor 6th: Love story (theme song)

Major 6th: Jingle Bells

Minor 7th: The winner takes it all

Major 7th: Star wars (theme song)

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