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Consonant vs Dissonant intervals

In music, certain intervals sound melodic and soothing to the ears. whereas some intervals sound harsh and unresolved. The intervals that are soothing are labelled as consonants. This includes unison, major and minor thirds, perfect 4th, perfect 5th, major and minor 6th and octave. On the other hand, intervals that have a harsh sound to it are labelled as dissonants, such as major and minor 2nds, tritone and major and minor 7ths. The tonal quality of a chord is shaped by how many consonants or dissonants the chord holds. A chord comprising of only consonants can sound very soothing to the ears. Similarly a chord with only dissonants can be very dramatic and extreme. And depending on the sound we desire, we can mix the number of consonants and dissonants in a chord.

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