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Breaking down the top 6 love songs

Forever is from Ben Harper’s debut album, Welcome to the Cruel World. This undoubtedly is one of his most popular songs. The song is written in the key of Am, creates the melancholic vibe perfect for this song.

The iconic guitar intro of More than words by Extreme, written in the key of G (guitar tuned down to D#) is another beautiful song to play on acoustic guitar. Written in a major key but uses some chords outside the box (i.e. minor plagal) makes it a beautiful song to study.

Say you won’t let you go is another of my favourite song to play on acoustic guitar. Written in the key of A#, played in G with a capo on 3rd. That same chord progression is played for the whole song but the simplicity of the plucking makes it such a catchy one to listen to.

Romeo and Juliet is hands down the hardest one I have played on this video. The song uses an open G tuning with a Capo on 3rd. Written in the key of F major, the voicing used here is unique. Plus that shuffle in the rhythm makes it a difficult one to control. But once you get a hold of it, its addictive, can’t stop playing that 😀

Tears in heaven, written in A major has such a rich chord progression and exotic baseline. I always prefer playing this piece without using a metronome of some sort. The controlled variation of tempo gives such a nice human touch to this amazing piece of music. Try playing this without using a uniform tempo and play around with the dynamics of your strum. Really makes it sound a lot better.

Lastly, shape of my heart, written in the key of F# minor uses a ton of exotic chords, beautiful progression and some intelligent but subtle variations in the melody. There are tons of different ways to play this song and there are many different versions out there. But I tried to keep and as close as possible to the original studio version.

Guitar used here is Maton EBG808 Tommy Emmanuel signature series. This whole thing is recorded using GarageBand on ipad pro 10.5. The guitar is connected through Focusrite itrack solo.

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