Learning any musical instrument takes time and effort. It takes years of practice to master the skills. The main objective of ‘Maxim’s Guitar Workshop’ is to give those skills to students in the shortest time possible. The whole method is extremely structured, fun, scientific and therefore effective for different levels of students starting from complete beginners to professional guitar players. We offer one on one guitar lessons. You may visit the home studio located in Brinkin or learn from the comfort of your own home (An additional $10 for home visit, Only for locations in Darwin City, The Gardens, Woolner, Parap, Fannie Bay, Winnellie, Bagot, Ludmilla, East Point, Coconut Groove, Nightcliff, Rapid Creek, Casuarina, Millner, Moil, Nakara, Tiwi, Wanguri and Muirhead)! Book a free guitar lesson (valued at $45) by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. Don’t wait, Become a real ‘Guitar Hero’ in the shortest time possible!

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 Benefits of Learning Music

‘Why Do I Need a Guitar Teacher’?

In this age of INTERNET, hundreds of free tutorials are available. Tabs and video tutorials of almost all the songs and musical pieces can be found. So why a teacher? The same question can be asked about knowledge, knowledge is available everywhere. Yet we go to school, college and eventually university to acquire that. Its because the systematic way through which they provide the knowledge. A teacher is like a coach. With the help of a GOOD COACH success can be achieved much faster. The same goes for learning music. In addition, playing guitar requires fine motor skills which come from hours of practice. However, if the practice is done wrong, a learner will adopt flawed playing techniques which will drastically limit the versatility of his/her guitar playing in the long run. It is also very difficult to amend any of those technical flaws once it’s been developed so always a better idea to have a mentor. Remember, EVERY GREAT ATHLETE HAS A COACH AND EVERY GREAT MUSICIAN HAS A MENTOR. 

Why ‘Maxim’s Guitar Workshop’?

         First lesson is completely free!

         Learn from the comfort of your home! (An additional $10 for home visit)

         Not necessary to make any bulk advance payment, you will be paying for each lesson.

         A very structured, scientific and proven method.

         You will learn your preferred music and songs.

         One of the best rates in town for 1 hour lessons.

         You will be learning from a very experienced educator and mentor.

         Maxim holds the OCHRE card (working with children clearance) and                 well experienced in teaching students of all ages.

Book a free guitar lesson (Valued $45)

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